Thursday, June 24, 2010

You just can't please everyone....

Even when they're not home! I'm learning this. I can make small accommodations in lunches for things a kid really doesn't like (leave out the bananas in the fruit mix, don't put granola on the yogurt, etc) but I just don't have the time or mental energy to create different meal plans for each child. Tuesday's quiche was a hit with 2, OK with one, and not liked by the 4th (I have a loaner kid for the week). The loaner child was relieved that she wouldn't be having lunch at camp Wednesday so she doesn't have to have onigiri. One of the kids is just really not liking the cherries I put into the fruit mix this week but guess what? They're chopped, they're paid for, and they will be eaten. Cherries may grow on trees but the money to buy organic ones doesn't.

Yesterday's bento lunch in our Target Tifffins consists of round pork onigiri straight from the freezer, triangular salmon onigiri, a salad of the last of the farmer's market greens with a dressing of mayo, plain yogurt, and sweet chili sauce, and a boiled egg molded with the fish mold + a little squirter of soy sauce. The other tier contains a mini-cheesecake with a dollop of raspberry jam from Apple Branch Pantry, a Bonebel cheese round, and 3 little molded orange gelatins. T2 swears that lunch tastes better in the tiffin than in the box. Who am I to argue? The big girls also got smaller bento lunches packed in the cute boxes sent by my friend Jill (aka the bento fairy)-work schedules and appointments had us out running like crazy Wednesday.

Today was a simple lunch and mostly very popular: egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches, raw veggies with homemade ranch, yogurt and grapes.

Christine from Apple Branch Pantry is at the Friday Flings in Palmer every week & her jams and sauces are delicious, local, and HFCS free.

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