Monday, June 21, 2010


Last night, the smoke detector in T1 & T2's room started chirping. Its the only one I didn't replace batteries in shortly after New Year's. We got out the ladder, took it down, and discovered there were no more 9V batteries in the house. No big deal- all the others were working and one night should be fine. I set the smoke detector on the counter and it made not another peep. Prepped stuff, cleaned the kitchen, read some, went to bed.

2:30 in the morning I hear beeping. Repeated, shrill, insistent beeping. I get up to investigate (and I am not a happy person when woken prematurely) and find that it is the smoke detector on the counter. If you know me, my next action probably won't surprise you: I opened the french door to the deck, stepped out, and frisbee'd the thing out into the yard. I was shooting for the woods but smoke detectors are not particularly aerodynamic and I throw like a girl.

I heard no more beeping and returned to my bed where I remained happily until the alarm went off at 7:45. I got up and went out to start loading lunch boxes and making breakfast and heard the beeping. Two tones, alternating....and loud. Obnoxiously loud. So I sent T2 out to get it and then did what I lacked the presence of mind to do in the middle of the night: take out the dying battery!

Later in the morning Miss V looks at me and asks "What was that beeping this morning?" I tell her and she replies, "Oh! It woke me up at 7 and I couldn't get back to sleep. I thought it was two birds because of the different tones. I was just laying there wishing they would get on with having weird bird sex so they could shut up and go build a nest" .

I guess I should go get those batteries....

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