Friday, June 18, 2010

Some days it just doesn't pay to read the internet

I've gotten the crud that Miss V had last week and so I'm not doing anything but laying around feeling sorry for myself, keeping T1 & T 2 from killing themselves or tearing the house down, and surfing the 'net. I was talking to a friend who has metamorphosed from HSLDA poster child to lefty stoner and he was saying that he doubted that the ingredients in the cocoa crispies he had laid out in preparation for a wicked case of the munchies could be worse for him than the home-grown he was smoking. He was shocked when I disagreed with him and I went digging around for info on some of the food additives. Yes- its true: I think that smoking pesticide free marijuana is probably safer than eating neurotoxins. However, lest anyone worry, I don't advocate either for kids.

T1 and , especially, T2 are very sensitive to MSG and red 40. I know this and try to avoid it but periodically I do stupid things that I know better than to do and buy things like doughnuts. Usually, however, I am a label reading fiend. Today I found this and realized just how much I've been missing. We don't eat a lot of processed food anyway but now I feel like my choices are even narrower- which sucks.

In slightly more cheerful news, Miss V is racking up some extra hours, Estee' is excited about a weekend with friends, and everyone is stoked for camp next week.

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