Saturday, June 19, 2010

I have a plan!

Knowing that next week is going to kick my rear end (3 soccer practices, 3 soccer games, 4 doctor/dentist appointments, a birthday, day camp from 9-12 for one kid and 9-4 for the other 3, a working kid, an airport pickup, and the fundraiser fair) I decided that I had to write it all down and plan for meals. I also decided that extracurricular stuff during the school year is just not happening & I fully expect to have to do battle with my beloved over that stance. It would be different if he were home every night. Maybe.

Back to food...I'm trying to eat through the freezer so that it is mostly empty and ready for the largess of dipnetting next month. I was looking around the 'net and found some inspiration here and here and here.

My lunch plans for the week look like this:

Monday- Salmon Salad sandwiches, carrot sticks with homemade ranch, grapes, individual cheesecake (already in the freezer), yogurt cup for morning snack

Tuesday- Bacon Cheddar Quiche, tomato and cucumber salad, Berry gelatin cups, Bonebel mini gouda round and fruit for morning snack

Wednesday- Bento Day! - Onigiri (in the freezer), Salmon nori wraps, a cute shaped egg, fruit, yogurt cup for morning snack

Thursday- Egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches, veggies with homemade ranch (broccoli florets, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes) orange cream gelatin jigglers, fruit and a Bonelbel mini gouda for snack

Friday- Sausage rounds and cheese shapes with an octodog on a bed of salad with homemade ranch & croutons, one of the goodies being made for the bake sale, fruit and yogurt

hot dogs? Sausages? cheese shapes ? Jello ?????

what happened to no icky stuff????

Yes- you can do such things without the icky! Berry gelatin cups are a simple syrup of succanat and water, boiled down, berries added and unflavored gelatin added. I put them in silicone cupcake liners then freeze them until they go into lunch boxes in the AM. The orange cream jigglers (which will go into the crazy cute little ice cube molds from Target) are orange juice boiled with a tiny bit of extra succanat and zest then combined with warmed farm fresh heavy cream and unflavored gelatin & poured into the molds. There is also a very nice organic jello available at natural pantry but the sugar is a little high. My quiche shells are already blind baked and in the freezer, awaiting their fillings. I can do all the fruit and veg prep tomorrow night when I will also do the salmon salad and the inside of the nori wraps. The secret to the nori wraps is to do them without nori on the outside. Wrap them in cling wrap to the proper size & then just wrap the nori and slice on the morning you need them.

Now...I just have to figure out what to make (delegate) for the bake sale and finish the little animals.

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