Monday, June 21, 2010

Come to the Dark Side- We have ...carrots?

Today I stood in the organic produce section and chose pre-cut carrot chips over the fresh carrots with the leafy tops still attached. I know my choice was lower in nutrition and had more packaging. I'm sure they don't taste as good. They certainly were not local. But they were effortless! Since I walked past all the pre-sliced lunch meat, the sliced processed cheeses, the lunchables, the pudding cups, the single serving bagged chips, and the apple slices with caramel sauce and marveled at how easy and cheap it was to fill a kid's lunch box if you weren't real picky about what you were feeding them, I rationalized giving myself a pass on this one. I also rationalized the purchase of bananas here above the 61st parallel- organic and on sale. .99 a lb . My kingdom for good organic apricots at a decent price!

Update: the kids all complained about them. Dry, woody, flavorless and 'yucky' were the pronouncements. I'm debating between trying again with ranch dressing or just tossing them in the pot roast and getting real carrots for their lunch boxes on Thursday.

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Laura said...

HA! love this post ;D