Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yarn envy

My mantra: I will not buy more yarn! I will not buy more yarn! I will not buy more yarn!

I have to say it a lot since Laura clued me in to the fact that there is a local yarn shop and it also has felting fiber and it is fabulous. I'm determined to finish the projects I already have yarn for before I spend money I don't have on gorgeous new yarn. The biggest problem of the moment is that I hate the way the yarn I'm working with feels. It's Candide & has a lot of vegetable matter in it and is so much rougher than my beloved Brown Sheep bulky. However, I bought several Christmas stocking kits on sale a few years ago and they need to be finished. It's not a big savings if you buy things on half off and then never use them! the biggest problem with my grand plan for self discipline and austerity is that I really do not understand the instructions for doing the heel, I've never done a heel, and I'm going to need to go to the yarn shop for help. I'm going to have to leave all cash, cards, and check books at home.

 (Image from they carry all the kits I have and then some!)

So I will finish the stockings, use my other project yarn, make my dad's Christmas gift, and then and only then will I feel free to covet new fiber. I really want to make myself some felted boots for this winter. Badly. And the gecko mittens I found today.  And some felted insulated carry bags for the kids' tiffins. And, And, And...

so much yarn, so little time.

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