Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mayo Update

Remember when I said I needed to make my own mayo so I could have the good stuff? I followed the instructions and did it in the fantastic new KitchenAid my daughter sent as an anniversary gift (love it. love her. so grateful.) with the whisk thingy. It came out really well. The only caveat is that I kept adding my oil blend (2/3 olive, 1/3 coconut) until I thought it was thick enough. When it was refrigerated it became a little too thick so next time I know to stop a bit short of Helmans consistency. I'd like a flavor that is a little less overwhelmingly olive-y too but I don't want it to taste of coconut either. The oil blend needs some work. Overall though I am delighted with how it came out, how little work was really involved to get a full quart (I tripled the recipe) and how affordable it was compared with ordering from Tropical Traditions. Love them but I live in AK and have kids who would put mayo on their jelly if I let them. That might be an exaggeration but not much.


Jessica said...

Why are you using coconut oil? Wouldn't vegetable oil be better?

Steph said...

I added the coconut oil to the olive to help with the thickening since coconut oil is a solid at 70 degrees or lower. I try to avoid vegetable oil for a few reasons- the majority is produced with GMO crops & I don't think they are particularly healthy. Buying corn oil that is certified non-gmo, organic and expeller pressed is also very expensive. I may play with putting some ghee in next go-round.