Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Tomato Whisperer

She was at the market again and accounts for fully half of our weekly farmer's market budget now that we know that she'll be there. Maybe 4'11' with her shoes on, head encased in a floral scarf and totally rocking the 'if it fits, it matches" aesthetic-  she doesn't have enough English for me to discuss with her what sort of soil amendments she might be using. She can sure talk to those 'maters though. They are so fantastic that she could bring an interpreter just to let me know she's using DDT and I'd still buy my $20 a week. Yes- they are that good. They smell like proper tomatoes and they taste like sunshine. This is a big deal in Alaska.

My own garden will probably not be producing any tomatoes this summer. The plants are still barely a foot high, there are no blooms, the color is a little on the yellow side...its just sad. Between the moose and my own incompetence I doubt that I'll get anything from my garden this year. Thank God for the farmer's markets and the CSA box. I'm going to be out at Pyrah's again this year. Hopefully the cukes will be up soon.

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Laura said...

I have witnessed her! She is amazing :)