Thursday, July 1, 2010

First CSA Box!

Is here and I'm excited. I got two heads of lettuce, a big bunch of broccoli, celery (without the leafy bits- boo!), some local purple and white potatoes, some lovely radishes, 4 oranges, and a bunch of what I think are horseradish leaves. I have no clue what to do with those! Suggestions welcome....  the nice folks at Glacier Valley CSA were kind enough to fix my mess up so I'll be getting one box a week instead of 2 next week and none the week after. The celery is a great opportunity to try out the dehydrator which was loaned to me-  not much of a celery fan.

Thank heaven the box was good because the farmers market was not so super by the time we got there yesterday but we did get some tomatoes, some lingonberry jelly, lettuces, garlic, and bok choi.

I also got milk and cream today and have 7 quarts of yogurt doing whatever it is that turns milk to yogurt. Yogurting? Fermenting? Percolating? There's also some soft cheese doing its thing. No eggs so I'll have to resort to store eggs this week. Must replenish the granola stash too.

The sausage is nearly finished and HM will be home tonight. Yay! (update: "almost finished' was wildly optimistic. I am going to be filling casings until I leave for the airport and probably again tomorrow. I think I'll keep some in bulk form for Swedish meatballs)


Laura said...

are you sure they are horseradish leaves? arugula maybe? or mustard?

Steph said...

I'm sure they're not arugula and if they are mustard, they look like no mustard I've ever seen. They don't taste like mustard either. The flavor is very pronounced - it pretty much screams "Horseradish!" I'm going to send Glacier Valley an email and ask them what it is and what to do with it.

Laura said...

Hunh interesting, let me know because I have a ton o' horseradish leaves I can harvest!