Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pondering Poo

Ew! Not that kind!

I'm thinking about ditching shampoo and conditioner. I've been happily wedded to my Pantene clarifying shampoo and volumizing conditioner routine for several years but Pantene just shot themselves in the foot with me: they changed formulas and stopped selling the clarifying shampoo. The new formula is icky. It makes my hair feel unclean and my scalp feel itchy and greasy. Certain persons of my acquaintance (generally those who live in my house and have neither the means nor the transportation to run out and purchase an alternative to whatever I toss into their shower) have also complained about the 'new' formula and experienced a sharp increase in dandruff like symptoms. yuck.

As with many other non-mainstream changes, it helps to know someone (or know someone who knows someone's mother) and have the process laid out for me. Sarah is such a daughter of a friend of a friend and wrote just such a helpful post. No matter how well this works out though, I'm drawing the line at deodorant.

Update: I tried just the baking soda part and it felt weird in the shower (we're all so used to the whole rinse-lather-repeat routine) but when I got out and dried my hair it felt great. I suspect that I still have a lot of the nasty chemical residue is my hair though because it went straight to oily/nasty feeling on the scalp in about 4 hours- but it did that with the pantene too. I now have a second squeezy bottle and some vinegar rinse mixed and waiting so I'll try again today. I used a baking soda paste as a facial scrub and that worked beautifully so I think that when my Burt's Bees facial mousturizer is gone I'm going to make some hippie tree hugger changes there too.


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jenny said...

I've had success with a spoonful of baking soda in a drinking cup full of water, and for the rinse, a splash of vinegar, again in the drinking cup full of water, no essential oils. Maybe tinkering with the ratio will help?

AKmamaOf6 said...

My sis has done this for a year now, I only lasted a couple of months with the baking soda and vinegar method. Then the lady cuting my hair said, "what do you use in your hair?!" (she was obviouslly not happy) and I just wash more in-frequently now and my kids don't use poo at all.