Sunday, August 1, 2010

No Poo?

Not so much. I tried it for a few weeks and just couldn't do it. My hair felt oily right after a shower. I couldn't stand it. It was gross.

I went out, bought the least objectionable crunchy no-nasty-stuff shampoo I could find, didn't go back to conditioner (kept the vinegar rinses every few washes) and have been much happier.

Also, Miss V tried this with me and was also grossed out by the greasy feel but...the first few times of washing with shampoo again she was using the pantene left from our pre-experiment stock and noticed that while on the baking soda regimen, he hair had stopped falling out but as soon as she went back to the pantene it started dropping out in hunks. I found her one of her beloved Liggets tea tree oil and hemp shampoo bars and the hair loss stopped immediately.

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