Saturday, August 14, 2010

In which I hide in my room, typing furiously

to avoid some really regrettable parenting moments. T1 just threw a rock. A large rock. At a high rate of speed. He threw the rock in spite of many repeated past warnings about throwing rocks. Warnings in which he heard of the dire things that can happen. Head injury. Putting an eye out. Breaking a window on the house. Breaking the $942 +installation hatch back window on his sister's car. Yes. He did.

So I am hiding because if I hide and type I don't yell, scream, explain the financial doom forthcoming. I just pound little plastic keys and count to myself. He's fallen asleep on his bed. I'm still counting. But I'm getting better. When I'm all better, I will wake him up, reassure him that he is loved and that we will all forgive him, and figure out how he can make restitution for this. I think I know who is going to be stacking all the fire wood....and taking up the carpet tack strips....

Boys just aren't like us.


Seraphim said...

You're a fantastic mother. If I'd done that at age 8, my hide would have been tanned from here to the Andromeda galaxy. I wouldn't have been able to sit down for literal weeks.

But I think your approach is better and ultimately more educational. Kudos.

Laura said...

hiding and typing has saved my kids lives more than they know--he's lucky to have a mama who will make him work and feel the pain in more ways than was a lesson for my boys too-I explained what happened and their eyes BUGGED out of their heads-I hope it scared them rather than inspired, now that I think of it!

Steph said...

I hope it didn't inspire them! I'm trying to walk the line between teaching him that following the rules and obeying one's parents (even when it seems stupid and overwrought) is very important and teaching him that failures and mistakes have their place and are part of learning and life. He didn't do it out of malice and is genuinely repentant.

I keep wondering when this parenting stuff is going to get easier. My mother assures me that it will- when T2 is 35.