Monday, August 9, 2010

Bulk Food Series- Part 8, Ordering Details

So now that you've suffered through the endless boring details of food prep at our house, you'd like to know how to actually order.

1. Go to . Set up an account for yourself and start putting items into a shopping cart but don't check out before August 16th! If you do check out and finalize your order on, say, the 12th your order will be shipped all by itself and your shipping charges will be ugly.

2. Your azure shopping cart will give you two totals- one is a dollar amount and one is a weight total. Plan on about $.35 per lb for shipping. You will pay me the shipping directly by the 27th so that I can pay the delivery driver when the load is delivered, probably on the 30th. Our Drop number is 2781. You will be asked for this number as you are checking out with Azure.

3. Deadline for the first order is the 20th of August at noon. That means that you need to have checked  out and completed the order with Azure. Please send me an email when you have completed this step so that I can be sure that everyone is accounted for in the master order.

4. Our order will be delivered to Birchtree Charter School. The truck usually arrives in the valley from the American Fast Freight terminal around 10 but I have no way of knowing if our stuff will be at the front of the truck or the back. Most probable delivery date is August 30th.

5. We can set up a tarped area out of the regular traffic pattern to sort and distribute orders. It all comes off the truck as one big jumble! A few volunteers to help with distribution would be much appreciated.

6. We are not charging any coordinator's fees. The idea is to make healthy, high quality food accessible to everyone in our community.

7. If there is enough interest, a local farmer who raises chemical and hormone-free pastured beef is willing to also bring his coolers of frozen cuts of meat to pickup day. You would purchase directly from him but if you would like for him to come, please email me so that I can give him a rough idea of what to bring.


Laura said...

Thanks for the step by step because yeah well because my brain is fried! and I need numbered directions.

Steph said...

Gah! I failed to have something to hand out at registration!!

My brain was geared to "Have flyer for potluck" and when the potluck didn't happen the whole thing went 'flush'.

Kellie Davis said...

How do you do lunches? I want my kids to have tasty vegan lunches on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as for our two week, Advent and Lenten Fasts.

Steph said...

Did you see this post?

the Japanese lunches are easier to make vegan or at least meatless (we are happy with meatless for the most part) & Indian and Mexican foods are good for having beans as the central protein which is why those are the Wednesday and Friday lunch themes for us.