Monday, September 6, 2010

Fair Food Reviews

The Alaska State Fair ends tomorrow and various members of my family have been more than once. Some of them like to pretend they can't remember what they ate or that they didn't when quizzed about what they had and how it was. Apparently I'm not smart enough to be able to figure out that such statements are code for "I ate nothing but kettle cork, cotton candy, and Red Bulls but I know you'd blow a gasket". Um..sure... I'm going to believe that you went to the fair and ate no junk because I'm over 40 and therefore completely stupid. Gotta love teenagers. Lets stop right here and say that almost nothing served at the fair is remotely compatible with Nourishing Traditions or healthy eating in any way. The fair comes once a year and half the fun is the food.

Given the lack of info forthcoming from the teen who has been without me, I'll have to stick to the booths I tried.

Chocolate Covered Bacon on a Stick- I was totally prepared to love this. It sounded suspect but I had to try it. It could have been a match made in heaven- and heaven knows how I feel about chocolate covered potato chips. Alas, it was awful. At $3 a stick (that is one single chocolate covered piece of bacon on a shishkabob skewer) I expected something other than "ew!". I won't be repeating that next year.

The oyster booth- I love the oyster booth and not just because they are good for you. I. Love. Oysters. If they could serve beer there and you could hop onto a bar stool with a Glacier Brewhouse IPA and 2 dozen raw with some saltines and cocktail sauce I could spend my entire day (and fair budget) in one spot. Miss V had the fried oyster sandwich ( very good ) and I had some raw plus some of the sour cream parm ones. They put the oysters under the broiler for a minute, then pull them out and plop some sour cream and some shredded parmesan on them and put them back under the broiler to melt the cheese. Very, very good.

Tamales- Good, probably the healthiest thing we ate, more than a touch overpriced- even for fair food. We opted for the pork one with black beans, rice, and all the trimmings. It would be easier to eat if they would take the corn husk off before they dump the stuff on it.

Fried Cheese curds- always a treat. I don't even want to think about what is in that fryer oil. Those little curds are irresistible. I can't get excited about the pork chop on a stick though.

Cream Puffs- people rave about them but I don't get it. Yes, they are big. If you're trying to induce diabetic ketoacidosis this is a fine choice. The pastry is pretty good but the toppings are canned and nothing special and the creamy filling left a lot to be desired in my opinion. I admit to being a pastry cream snob- if I can tell that it came from a can or it reminds me of cool whip in any way I'm done.

The cookie booth- so good we did it twice. Fantastic chocolate chip cookies, organic milk available, friendly staff and they donate $.25 of every cookie to charity. Plus you can play with their hoola hoops. There was no sharing at this booth.

Bushes Bunches - The peanut potatoes. I was expecting something more like tiny fingerlings but what I got were more traditionally cut french fries. They were hot, salty and excellent. I'm sure the dipping sauce is full of things that are horrible for you because it was really tasty and addictive.

The Pasty booth- I love these. It's like a full meal of comfort food in a little pocket.

Elephant Ears- Every bit as good as I recall from my childhood. We had one with just honey and it was great- far more flavor than powdered sugar. I mentioned to the man running the booth that they are fantastic with nutella and he promised to have it there for next year. I plan to hold him to it.

Buffalo Burger- in one of the cabins next to the midway. Not bad. Plastic cheese but some decent flavor to the burger.

Pizza- kids ate it, I didn't. I did munch the crust though and it was good. The pepperoni looked greasy but doesn't all pepperoni? Possibly the cheapest way to feed a kid and keep them happy at the fair.

And no- just to clarify, I did not personally eat all of that stuff. Most of it was shared between 2 to 5 people. Otherwise I would need one of those little skylark carts to haul my fat(ter) butt around.


Laura said...

Wow that's a LOT of damn food. If you ever get a fat cart I'm jamming the accelerator and shooting you off in to traffic-I hate the fat carts.
I had a dozen french fries at the fair, that's about it. Next year though watch out! Taco Dans here I come!

Laura said...

The ONLY thing on that list I have actually eaten are the peanut potatoes and yes they usually are peanut potatoes I bet they ran out. I DO SO dearly love the bacon-y mayo goo they serve with it. You need a good detox after the fair.

Steph said...

I must have- I didn't eat anything yesterday. There was coffee at some point but I totally didn't bother with food until around midnight when I was suddenly craving cheese. Weird.

I'd like to avoid life in a fat cart but segways look like loads of fun. I think I could terrorize a lot of people as a cranky little old lady on a segway with a horn and a taser. I litter with four bearers and beaded curtains also has merit as an idea for rainy days.

Jamey Duhamel said...

Good info! I was dying to try the chocolate covered bacon when I heard about it but never got the chance since I wasn't able to go to the fair. I am glad I didn't waste my time or money on it! I may have to make them at home, however...or get my chocolatier sister to make them for me!

Steph said...

Jamey- have her do chocolate covered potato chips. now THOSE totally rock. they are going to throw me off the Real Food Blog Roll for this but its true. Best stress pig out ever.

AKmamaOf6 said...

I LOVE fair food...

Steph! I miss your pretty pictures.

Jamey Duhamel said...

Steph, as a matter of fact my sister has made those for me and they DO rock!! is Real Food!! (If you use local made chips made with quality potatoes and oil. ;-)

Steph said...

does she make them in the store regularly? or at least the week leading up to the full moon? Because I would so be buying them!

Anna- they'll be back next week. I just need to work with the colors and layout and this matched the real food class banner better.