Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This video, entitled "Stop Not Paying Attention to Things" is fantastic as it portrays how ridiculous we've all become about technology- until it gets to the part where it asserts that selling us another phone will rescue us from our phones! As they say in the commercial itself: really?

 Instead of one piece of overpriced technology 'rescuing' us from our previous overpriced pieces of technology, why don't we all just!!!! unplug, disconnect. When you sit down to a meal and you know that all the really core people in your life are safe and well, just turn off the ringer. Light a candle and breathe.  Talk to each other, Make something, sing something.

I'm thinking about my internet use (too much) and that advent is a perfect time to unplug, slow down, and draw the whole family inward. The question is: how much do I need to maintain the blog, volunteer commitments, and things like banking and bill pay & how much is mindless entertainment? I guess we'll find out. An hour a day?

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Jessica said...

When I really need to get stuff done--like projects to turn in at school, I print out my assignments and go somewhere with no internet access. It is amazing how fast I can get stuff done without facebook/web surfing distracting me.

I thought the same thing about that commercial. I thought for sure that it was a commercial for a non-profit, to tell us to unplug. I'm sure that Windows phone is just as addicting as any crackberry.